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Friday, May 17, 2002 :::
I hate school. I hate assignments. I studying for exam blocks. I hate geography reports. I have English essays and I hate SOR essays even more. I hate getting to school before eight and not leaving until five thirty. I hate staying back at school just about every afternoon of the week. I hate the stress of trying to maintain VHAs in five subjects. I hate the stress of trying to pull my Maths B percentage up to pass me. I hate school.

I hate having such a screwed up foot that by the time some nights come around I can't walk. I hate the idea I won't be able to do my grade seven ballet exam because I can't dance anymore. I hate the feeling that I spend half my life at physio. And I hate school even more then that.


Not happy Jan! Not having a good week!

::: posted by Captain at 10:59 PM

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